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I've sifted through my ashes only to find I was never real
My existence but a glimmer in another's hallucinating mind
A delusion, part of a reality that never was and never will be
A reality from which he cannot break free

I am but a figment, an image delivered to a fool
Fleeting through his catatonic reveries as he plays in his subconscious
Finding briefly in a moment of clarity that he wants to be me
Just as bad as i want to be him

But when the darkness swallows us both in time
Which one of us will we find to have existed
Which one of us reflects the reality
When reality isn't real?
This is one of my older works I encountered the other night and was really impressed with.
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casebasket Featured By Owner May 25, 2010
Hmm, pretty cool...I wonder if it's depressing or liberating to find that you are a creation of someone else. In a way, I think I might find it a relief of sorts...If that was true of me though, I guess they could do a little better job with the script, lol!
Osirisale Featured By Owner May 25, 2010
Being a product of the union of two loving people is pretty cool. I'm lucky enough to've had two loving parents who at least in my formative years had given me a very good example of both what kind of person I should be and what true love should look like. And though now their love has become strained to the point of basic non-existence, it set a very wonderful example back then that made quite the impression on who and what I've become.
casebasket Featured By Owner May 25, 2010
I hear you for sure. We are products of our environment -- I've been lucky to have parents who've shown a good example, and still continue to today. They've had their hard times for sure, but are still hanging in there. It's important to see that sometimes you have to sacrifice and work hard to make things work, and it's a privilege to be given the chance...
Osirisale Featured By Owner May 25, 2010
Indeed it is, indeed it is.
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